Smart Features of Tengah EC In a Green Town at Tengah Town

Smart Features of Tengah EC in a Green Town at Tengah Town

One of the most significant aspects of Tengah EC is the development’s dedication to sustainability. Tengah Town residents are encouraged to live green by having access to electric vehicle charging hubs. These EV charging stations also serve as mobility tools, ensuring a smooth transition for new residents to a lower carbon footprint.

Urban Forest Metropolis

The Evergreen Forest Town in Tengah is a nature-themed metropolis that will bring people closer to nature, while still providing modern conveniences. The town is envisioned as the first in the region to incorporate smart living elements like automated waste collection and green roofs into its design.

This EC is well-connected with the rest of Singapore via multiple expressways, including the Pan-Island Expressway. Residents will also have easy access to numerous schools and shopping districts. The EC is also located near the Jurong Region Line MRT station. The area is ideal for families.

The Evergreen Forest Town will feature generous landscaping and green features that promote healthy air quality. The community will also be equipped with electric vehicle charging hubs for residents to enjoy. The community will also feature smart water systems and centralized waste management. The entire development is a sustainable, low-carbon community.

Tengah EC is a mixed-use development with a mix of private and public housing. The development’s retail, office and educational facilities will feature green and sustainable design principles. The project will also feature bicycle paths and public parks, and residents will have easy access to the Glass House Mountains and Raffles Rowing Club Park. This eco-friendly development is also close to government land sales, and nearby private schools.

Car-lite town centre

The future Tengah EC will be a completely car-lite town centre with a pedestrian-friendly Market Place. It will feature a mix of commercial and residential elements with underground tunnels for public transport. It will also be close to the Central Business District and several educational institutes.

The development will be the first of its kind in the West region. It will include green features and smart condominiums. It will also feature a centralized cooling system and free parking. The overall concept of sustainability is aimed at making it a more desirable place to live.

The development will feature a large central park with trees, a water bank, walking and cycling paths, and dedicated bike lanes. The site is also a short walk to three future MRT stations. It is also near the Jurong Innovation District, which will house advanced manufacturing facilities.

The Tengah District is expected to be the first “car-lite” town in Singapore, with dedicated walking and cycling paths for residents. The new town will also feature the first HDB town centre to use smart technology. The new EC is slated to be completed in Q3 2022. The developer, City Developments Limited, has an excellent track record in residential development. This project is the first major development in Tengah since the late twentieth century.

Community hub

The new EC at Tengah Town will be built close to the main town centre, maximizing the space available for commercial facilities while incorporating green features. The development will include facilities to charge electric vehicles. These electric charging hubs will serve as mobility tools for residents as they transition to a lower carbon footprint.

Residents of Tengah EC will have access to a community hub and other amenities. The development is part of the town’s master plan. The town will be a model for nature-themed metropolis living, with smart energy management and automated waste collection. Each home will be eco-friendly, featuring rainwater collection systems and green roofs.

Tengah EC is a hybrid development that will include private and HDB units. It is surrounded by a green park and is located close to the Bukit Batok MRT station. It is also close to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, an ideal place for a relaxing stroll. It will feature the latest green building technologies and be accessible from the city centre via several public transportation routes. The development will also feature a centralized cooling system and bicycle and pedestrian pathways.

Tengah EC is a planned mixed-use development that includes a park, amphitheatre, children’s parks, and a Chinese language school. In addition to these, it will include a central park, a pond, and a forest stream.

Fully furnished units

Tengah EC, a new development near the Tengah MRT station, has fully furnished units with balconies that overlook lush greenery. Its location is ideal for commuters as it is close to the city, three MRT stations, parks, and other public amenities. In addition, the EC is equipped with modern facilities such as gyms and swimming pools. This development also offers financing via the Deferred Payment Scheme, which is rare for new ECs.

Tengah EC units are priced about 15 to 30% cheaper than comparable private condominiums. Additionally, first-time buyers can apply for the CPF Housing Grant of up to S$30,000, which makes this development an excellent choice for those on a budget. Tengah EC also offers many of the same amenities as private condominiums, including a clubhouse, gym, and a security guard.

The new condominium is located near the Jurong Regional Line MRT station and three primary schools, as well as the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Tengah EC is currently under development by two developers and is scheduled to complete in 2020. It is the first EC in the west area since 2019, and is close to several public transport services and educational institutions.

Modern buildings

With its masterplan designed for the millennial generation, the upcoming Tengah EC is set to be more than a typical condominium. With its green features and active recreation opportunities, it promises to offer a new way to live, while still being near the city center. And with the free parking and public transportation options available, it’s sure to appeal to those seeking a more sustainable way of life.

The development will feature ample green spaces, as well as separate bicycle and pedestrian lanes. The town will also feature integrated community facilities and a park with over two thousand trees. It will also include an integrated community hub and be located near local parks and public transportation stations.

The project features multipurpose open-air malls, lifestyle sustainability, and a range of other amenities. The project was designed by award-winning architectural firm Atkins Shaping, which is also responsible for the Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Riverside extension.

Located near Jurong Town and Bukit Batok, Tengah EC is Singapore’s first fully smart technology-enabled town. The residential community will have 620 units spread over 12 blocks. It will also feature gyms and fitness centres. The development is expected to be completed in 2022. The town will be surrounded by green belts and a five-kilometer forest corridor.

Balconies overlooking lush greenery

The Tengah EC is a new executive condominium development that is situated near the CBD. It is the first of its kind in this area and it will feature a green infrastructure and smart condominiums. Residents will benefit from reduced energy consumption, and the development is also close to public transport and three MRT stations.

The development is near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, as well as the Mayflower MRT station. The development is also convenient to local schools, including the Ai Tong School and Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. In addition, the project will be located near an MRT station in the Jurong East District.

Located near the city centre, the EC at Tengah MRT station will be accessible from many parts of the city in less than 30 minutes. The area has many amenities nearby, including a planned car-free town centre. This location makes it a great investment.

Tengah EC will be a beautiful development that is a perfect blend of nature and urban living. It is an ideal choice for residents who enjoy nature and want to be closer to it. With an abundance of lush greenery, the development will provide a scenic view and peaceful living. There will be ample space for outdoor activities, and it will have dedicated walking trails for residents to explore. It will also be car-free, with all roads underground.

Future MRT stations

The future MRT station at Tengah EC will provide direct access to the site’s Town Centre, where many commercial spaces and eateries will be located. The development will also feature a bus interchange, community club, and polyclinic. The site is near three MRT stations. Residents can take the MRT to and from work or school, without the need to drive. Tengah’s master plan includes visions of a smart and car-free town centre.

This upcoming district is close to the city center, as well as the Jurong Innovation District and the Central Business District. It is also within an easy commute to the Jurong Lake District, the second largest central business district outside the city center. Tengah EC is also close to a nature reserve, making it an ideal location for families.

Tengah Garden Walk EC is the first EC in the new town of Tengah. It is within walking distance of three future MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line. It is located near the new Hong Kah MRT Station and the Tengah Park MRT Station.