Terms of Service

Just Rite Stampers new terms of service as updated and valid from November 2019

All current and future users of the site and the app need to accept to all of the conditions as outlined in the updated Terms of Service. Users who do not accept the altered terms of service should stop accessing or using the site immediately. If these terms are considered an offer, acceptance is expressly limited to any other terms at all.

Terms and Conditions for Future Services

With immediate effect unless otherwise stated or previously stated the new terms and conditions replace current and future services from Just Rite Stampers.  The new terms are binding to all, without exception, including clients or site users, whether they are contributors in terms of content, data, updated information, or any other materials and services (including unregistered and registered users). Any clients or users pocessing any separate written agreement with the company in relation to all, or specific products, or types of service. then those earlier agreements stay in place.

Rights of Company

The company reserves the right to refuse service or membership to clients on the grounds of their age. The minimum age for using our services is 13 years. People under the age  of 13, cannot, under any circumstances register for a users account, or use any of the company’s services.  Premium Services or any services that need to be paid for, can only be accessed by clients over 18 years of age.

Account Security

Once Just Rite Stampers lients are accepted for membership it is their responsibility to maintain their account security, failure to do so will result in the loss of their accounts. In line with the personal responsibility of membership, access can not be shared with anybody else or company for the use of Just Rite Stampers services. Members must maintain the security of their accounts. All members are held responsible for any and all actions by themselves or anybody else using their accounts.

Any materials and services provided by Just Rite Stampers company remain it’s property unless otherwise stated, and users may have to seek permission to use these. Account holders may not use goods and services and claim the credit for developing these. The services remain the intellectual property of the company at all times, unless clients gain permission to use it under specific conditions.

Terms of Service for New Users

By signing up to the new terms of services users are agreeing that must use services in the ways that the company has laid out. As such the account holders can only use services themselves and for nobody else. The agreement and the services cannot be transferred to others, or used in any other context. Again account holders must adhere to all terms, and must not allow others to use or misuse their accounts.