Riverfront Residences Oxley Lian Beng Venture Site and Floor Plans

Riverfront is a group of friends and more so a type of community from different places living together in one building which consist of personal apartments and private community grounds for family weekend dinners, space for doing an exercise like running or gyms and entertainment spaces. Riverfront Residences Oxley is a development that was made private 99 years ago by HUDC estate Rio Casa. KSH is one of the partners of Riverfront resident alongside Oxley Lian Beng Venture Pte Ltd which plans to keep developing the place to make it the best.

Riverfront Residences Oxley Lian Beng Venture Singapore

Riverfront residents are not just a building or place where people live, it has given an opportunity for people who are adventurous to come together as one. These people have the urge of having the ultimate privacy but are eager to share a life with people with the same interests as them. And this also brings about appreciation and acceptance of different races and cultures alike.

Hougang is found in Singapore and is situated where the former HUDC Rio Casa is. Hougang, which is derived from a Chinese name, means �the end of the river’. It was named this way after the government of Singapore encouraged more usage of Chinese language to its people. The place was once covered by trees and in it lived the Chinese Teochew Residents till the year 1979 when the government announced its plan to construct a town there and officially made it a public housing area. It now offers a range of public and private schemes.

Riverfront Residences Hougang Ave 7 Site and Floor Plans

When families are moving into a new place, it’s normal for them to want to find out the facilities that are available for themselves and their children. You need access to all your basic needs and riverfront residence has you covered. It has both primary and secondary schools which are affordable and have good facilities for your children and have been there for many years. Some of them are:

· Montfort junior and secondary school -1916
· Holy innocents primary school – 1985
· Holy innocents high school -1892
· Paya Lebar Methodist girls school -1916
· Serangoon junior college – 1988
· Xinmin primary and secondary school -1945
· Yuving secondary school -1910
· Xinghua primary school – 1930

Also near the riverfront residences is the Hougang mall which has got lots of options for one to shop.

Riverfront Residences Site and Floor Plans

There is a home care program which one has to apply and become a member in order to access medical facilities, concierge services, and home care assistance. The members focus on self-improvement and are concerned about each other. You can go to the profile of their website and register in order to see more facilities that are available for you. Enter correct details to get all the information in your email.

The place can be found along Sungei Serangoon and is near the Hougang central bus interchange. Inside the Hougang mall is a range of wonderful facilities such as the National Library Board, McDonald’s and KFC. It also has a breathtaking view of the river which is so wonderful to look at and take pictures with family and friends

If your heart beats for something adventurous the Riverfront Residents would be the best option. Log on to their website and register. Move into a place where you can interact with people from different walks of the world.