Fyve Derbyshire Freehold Development at Novena

The inside view of Fyve Derbyshire by Roxy Pacific Holdings. Roxy Pacific Holdings is out to make one of the best freehold development in Novena that is likely to bring a totally new picture of the place. Fyve Derbyshire Roxy Pacific Holdings become a reality after the land that was formally Derby Court Enbloc was successfully sold to Roxy Pacific Holdings that now runs the icon development. The land is very strategic and prime for such a development as its located next to Derbyshire Road and the district of Novena. The developing company Roxy Pacific Holdings has developed a brand in Singapore as it has been very active in the real estate market. Before taking action, the real estate also makes clear the action that the property owner needs to take to be fair enough. The outcome of failing to do that action is also given to the owner of the property.

Fyve Derbyshire Freehold Development at Novena

Fyve Derbyshire now comes as a game changer in the real estate around Singapore and is likely to positively capture the market. There had been several other attempts to sell the land where the former Derby Court Enbloc was before. The successful sale of the lands was, therefore, a great move when Roxy Pacific Holdings through its subsidiary when they manage to buy it.

The new development has almost all the facilities that one may desire in a modern life for both adults and children. Some of the best leisure facilities such as swimming pools, a tennis court, equipped indoor gym, BBQ pits, a function room and children’s playground all sit within Fyve Derbyshire. You also enjoy some of the best states of security as the facility has a guardhouse that has been set with some of the modern equipment to ensure safety.

Fyve Derbyshire Roxy Pacific Holdings Derbyshire Road

Visiting Fyve Derbyshire will give you one of those unique experiences as it’s designed to accommodate all the family members. Different people are already expressing interest in the development with the owner expected to reap big from this latest move. Shopping from Fyve Derbyshire has been made very easy as some of the best shopping centers are located within the vicinity and can be accessed Bukit Batok EC with ease.

Serene and Quiet Lifestyle at Fyve Derbyshire

The residents within Fyve Derbyshire have more to share when it comes to tranquil lifestyle and fun as Bukit Timah where they enjoy quality family time is very near. Accessing the development is also very easy both from the station of Novena MRT and using buses through Thomson and Derbyshire Roads. You can also trace your way from the city through Central Expressway as it’s located next to Fyve Derbyshire.

Don’t struggle with the worries on where to take your loved ones for some of the best time out as the facility is already set waiting for you. The development of your kids is well covered as Fyve Derbyshire has some of the best schools located within the vicinity.